Message from Lee White, National Coalition on History

Happy New Year to those of you I didn’t get to see in Chicago. I have an issue that has a very quick turnaround and I would urge you to send this to your memberships lists ASAP. It has a deadline of January 20.

In one sentence, there is a petition drive to the White House urging the president to appoint a commission to explore the scope, costs and benefits of digitizing ALL federal records holdings.  While there is obviously not any funding available now to accomplish this goal in the near future, the commission would establish a blueprint and do a cost/benefit analysis of such an effort.  We are always being asked about what we (NCH and our organizations) are doing to help create jobs and this would be a big step in that direction.

I just sent out a newsletter alert on this and it would be far quicker for you to read that than for me to write a long e-mail explaining it.

This issue affects all of our constituencies, historians, archivists, political scientists, teachers, academicians, researchers, etc. Please take the time to alert your members and urge them to sign the petition.  We need 25,000 signatures and right now only have about 1,700.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lee White
Executive Director
National Coalition for History
202-544-2422 x-116


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