Searching For: The Kent News

The Maryland State Archives is searching for issues of the newspaper The Kent News from 1858 and 1859 as part of a grand-funded research project on the Eastern Shore counties of Queen Anne’s, Kent, Dorchester, Caroline and Talbot to better understand the Legacy of Slavery in Maryland.

Can you help the Archives locate volumes of The Kent News that are vital for research on the history of slavery in Maryland?

In preparation to digitize issues of The Kent News newspaper published in Chestertown, Maryland, we conducted thorough bibliographic research. The Archives has not yet been able to locate issues or volumes of The Kent News for the years 1858 and 1859 in any repository.

Please contact the Maryland State Archives Department of Special Collections if you know of any issues of The Kent News from 1858 and 1859. Call 410-260-6410 or send an email to


Communicate with your Colleagues, Blog!

Author: Ed Galloway, MARAC Chair

I’m excited that MARAC has developed another communication method to reach out to its members and those beyond. I encourage you to use the blog to spread news from your institution or brag about a specific collection that means a lot to you or a particular encounter with a researcher who made you think differently about a person, event or issue. I think back to the recent natural disasters visited upon the MARAC region last year and know that a blog like this would have been an important tool to reach out to members, informing us of what’s going on and how we can help. Although I hope those uses of the blog are few and far between, it still demonstrates the power of quickly disseminating timely information for all to see and perhaps act upon. Anyway, I thank the Outreach Committee for their work to get the blog up and running…let’s put it to use!

MARAC’s 40th Anniversary

Author: Paige Newman

Where were you in 1972? Wowing folks with your archival skills, living the college life of Animal House, doing The Hustle at your high school dance, pretending to be Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill, watching Schoolhouse Rock!, or just a gleam in your parents eye.
Me? I was having a tea party with a doll that was in dire need of a hair brush.
To commemorate MARAC’s 40th, I would like to ask MARAC members to share their memories, photographs, and thoughts of what MARAC means to you. From seasoned member to brand spanking new, your background is what makes MARAC a unique organization. Please join in the celebration of 40 years of MARAC!

For more information and/or to forward photographs and remembrances – please contact Paige Newman.