Communicate with your Colleagues, Blog!

Author: Ed Galloway, MARAC Chair

I’m excited that MARAC has developed another communication method to reach out to its members and those beyond. I encourage you to use the blog to spread news from your institution or brag about a specific collection that means a lot to you or a particular encounter with a researcher who made you think differently about a person, event or issue. I think back to the recent natural disasters visited upon the MARAC region last year and know that a blog like this would have been an important tool to reach out to members, informing us of what’s going on and how we can help. Although I hope those uses of the blog are few and far between, it still demonstrates the power of quickly disseminating timely information for all to see and perhaps act upon. Anyway, I thank the Outreach Committee for their work to get the blog up and running…let’s put it to use!


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