MARAC Session Proposal Collaboration

The Syracuse University Archives is looking for parties interested in joining together for a MARAC conference session for Spring 2013, tentatively titled “History in a “Snap”: Archives and Mobile Technologies.”

The Syracuse University Archives has completed a project that brings information on the history of campus buildings directly to a user’s smart phone web browser. This project uses Quick Response, better known as QR, codes to allow visitors to easily “snap” the code with their smart phone camera and proceed directly to the Archives’ web site where they can view history pages created for each building. These codes have been placed on all academic and administrative buildings as well as remote buildings in New York City, Washington D.C. and the Adirondacks.

We have employed QR codes in exhibitions posters, in PR materials and on our collections boxes as well and feel they are an ideal outreach tool for archives, libraries and museums. The Archives is hoping there are other institutions using QR codes or other mobile applications to facilitate access and as part of a well-developed outreach program.

Anyone interested in collaborating on a session at MARAC’s Spring 2013 conference or at another professional conference should please contact Assistant Archivist Cara Howe at or 315-443-0632.


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