Insider’s Guide to Richmond

Photo Credit: Citizen

The Richmond Local Arrangements Committee wants to express its enthusiasm about the MARAC 2012 Fall meeting in Richmond, Virginia. Here are some committee members’ favorite recommendations for the city when they have free time in Richmond. We would love to see you around town during the meeting!

Laura Stoner, Virginia Historical Society


A fun quirky breakfast or lunch place near our hotel is called the Citizen, perfect during a workshop break on Thursday or a snack on Friday. The small restaurant is located at 909 E. Main Street and is open from 7am to 3pm on weekdays. A quick five minute walk from the Omni Hotel, the restaurant specializes in fresh local food. They have food for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans alike. You can take food out and eat at a scenic spot in the city or enjoy their patio weather permitting. Check out their menu here!

Margaret Kidd, Virginia Commonwealth University, Tompkins-McCaw Library

Photo Credit: Jefferson

The Jefferson Hotel
I would have to say one of my favorite things is going to the Jefferson. It is a classic hotel with a lot of charm. I love to walk up the grand stairs and of course have cocktails at Lemaire. The Jefferson is located at 101 West Franklin Street. For drink specials see the link.

Paige Newman, Virginia Historical Society

The Fan
I live, breathe, eat and drink in the Fan District. My home for the past 15 years is full of quirky shops, great restaurants, wonderful bars, and lots of history. The Fan is an historic district in Richmond, so named because of the “fan” shape of its array of streets. If you get a chance to visit the Fan and find yourself on Robinson Street, forgo Starbucks and enjoy a pint at Commercial Taphouse or a burger at Helen’s or tater tots and hummus at Racine or a shot of whiskey at McCormack’s Whiskey Grill or hang with some neighborhood flavor at Buddy’s or Starlite. Richmond offers a variety of ways to spend your time but come visit the Fan and I guarantee you’ll have an enjoyable time if not an unforgettable one. I’ll be happy to join you!

Jennifer McDaid, Norfolk and Southern Corporation

Photo Credit: Jennifer McDaid
Hollywood Cemetery
Archivists might want to visit Virginia’s first state archivist Morgan P. Robinson’s brand-new gravestone at Hollywood Cemetery. His grave was unmarked before. It’s near President’s Circle. And if the weather is nice, Hollywood is always good. There’s a bench nearby at Joseph Bryan’s grave with a nice view of the river . . . .great for a picnic.
Catherine G. OBrion, Virginia State Law Library
James River Park: Pipeline Walk
One of my favorite places in Richmond is the James River Park System’s Pipeline Walk. Just a few steps away from downtown Richmond and the Omni hotel, it is a great place to experience the juxtaposition of a scenic, wild river in the middle of a busy transportation hub. A busy highway crosses directly above the walk, and abandoned railroad trestles are visible from the river’s edge. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear or feel a train above crossing overhead, in addition to the cars on the highway, and you might see a few kayakers making their way through the rapids.
Photo Credit: Catherine O’Brion

To Get There: The Pipeline runs along the river at the Riverside on the James condominiums, is easy to access from the Canal Walk at South 12th and Byrd streets or from the east end of Brown’s Island. From the Omni hotel, walk down 12th street to the intersection of 12th and Byrd and look for a path toward the flood wall. If you are driving, you can park in a small parking lot to the right of the flood wall.  More information and photographs.


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