University of Scranton: Special Collections Fundraiser

Here at the University of Scranton we’re doing a holiday fundraiser for our Special Collections that might interest some of you. Using digitized images from our Zaner-Bloser Penmanship Collection, we printed a set of limited edition, custom Moleskine® notebooks that we think turned out beautifully and are $20 for two notebooks, plus shipping/handling.

Featured on each notebook is “The Proud Art Shall Conquer,” a peacock flourish by master penman Fielding Schofield (1845-1924). Schofield’s work references the motto of 19th century professional penmanship journal The Teacher of Penmanship:  “The Proud Art of Beautiful Writing Shall Conquer the Hearts of All Men.”

To help support the collection, The Zaner-Bloser Company also gave us their last remaining copies of three of their legendary penmanship manuals. The volumes are in pristine condition, and are available for purchase at the price of $70 for the set of three or $25 each, plus shipping and handling.

  • The Secret Skill of Madarasz, originally published in 1911, 84 pages
  • C. C. Canan – Collection of Penmanship, 1965 edition, 64 pages
  • Fascinating Pen Flourishing, 1951 edition, 80 pages
All proceeds from the sales of these manuals will support the care and preservation of the Zaner-Bloser Penmanship Collection.
For more information or if you’re interested in purchasing a set of notebooks or penmanship manuals for yourself or your favorite calligrapher/artist/writer, please visit our site at, and if you have suggestions for us on how to spread the word, please let us know!

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