Fall 2012 Business Meeting Summary

Author: Ed Galloway, MARAC Chair

I hope that by now you’ve recovered from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and that life is getting back to normal. If you need help with disaster aid, please consider submitting an application for assistance. For those of you who were unable to attend the conference in Richmond, or attend the Business Meeting, I want to provide a summary of a few items.

First, many thanks go to the Local Arrangements and Program Committee chairs and respective committee members for hosting and coordinating a terrific conference. A special thanks goes to Paige Newman and her committee for leading the planning efforts surrounding the 40th anniversary celebrations. Thank you!

And yes there were a variety of ways we celebrated MARAC’s birthday, from a 1970s “best outfit” award to the “Decades Drawing” to the MARAC trivia contest to the most meetings attended (Mike Knies should be the unofficial MARAC mascot). As I mentioned in my comments, MARAC has now met 81 times in 65 different cities, offering thousands of sessions and hundreds of workshops. Our conference attendance has been increasing too as the years go by…we had 358 attend the Fall meeting.

As a method of capturing and preserving conference presentations and other electronic material (such as conference programs and other publications), we piloted an opt-in program enabling conference presenters to submit their paper or PowerPoint to MARAC’s new online repository system. Since MARAC’s archive is housed at the University of Maryland, they have agreed to host our digital repository as well in their DRUM system (Digital Repository of the University of Maryland). We hope to fully implement this repository at the spring 2013 meeting.

On behalf of MARAC, I attended a regional “summit” hosted by SAA at their annual meeting in San Diego. I was joined by 15 other leaders of professional organizations at the regional and/or state level. I plan on devoting my next From the Chair column to share what was discussed and learned but suffice it to say that it was a very successful and encouraging time together.

Next spring, we will be going to ERIEsistible Erie, PA (April 25-27, 2013), and then Philadelphia in the fall (Nov. 7-9, 2013). Beyond that we are making plans to go to Rochester, NY in Spring 2014 and Baltimore, MD in Fall 2014. As Mary would say, “All the meetings are important to attend no matter where they are so COME!”

We continue to be a very financially healthy organization, ending the FY2012 4th Quarter with $168,165.72 in the bank. Note that over $107,000 of that are Restricted Funds, such as the education endowment, Finch award and disaster assistance support. We reached the challenge set by a MARAC “Angel” who was willing to match a $2000 contribution to the Scholarship program; 57 individuals contributed that $2000 to guarantee the match. Thank you!

We recognized the achievements of several MARAC members during the award portion of the meeting. Congratulations to:

  • Maurice Isserman, winner of the Arline Custer Memorial Award for Books for On the Hill: A Bicentennial History of Hamilton College, 1812-2012.
  • Ed Galloway, winner of the Arline Custer Memorial Award for Articles for “Guyasuta: Warrior, Estate, & Home to Boy Scouts.” http://d-scholarship.pitt.edu/10839/
  • Virginia Historical Society, winner of the C. Herbert Finch Online Publication Award for “Unknown No Longer: A Database of Virginia Slave Names.” http://unknownnolonger.vahistorical.org/
As you know, we increased the number of scholarships in 2012 as one way of celebrating MARAC’s 40th anniversary. As a result, 16 scholarship and travel awards were given to students and young professionals to attend the Fall meeting.
We recognized the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award bestowed upon a MARAC individual who has made significant contributions to the organization as well as to the greater archival profession. Congratulations to Ron Becker for winning this award!
We also publicly thanked the chairs of the Local Arrangements and Program Committees from the Spring 2012 meeting in Cape May.
And lastly we provided a very brief summary of some of the results of the recent MARAC survey that many of you completed. In fact, we had an over 30% response rate! We plan on creating an executive summary of the results before sharing the entire survey results (117 pages) with you. But already we can tell that the results will help shape the future of MARAC so thank you for participating and sharing your comments, suggestions and ideas.
Again thanks everyone for making the 40th celebration at Richmond a terrific one. See you all in Erie!

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