Why YOU should run for Chair!

Author: Ed Galloway, MARAC Chair

The Nominations & Elections Committee is still seeking candidates for MARAC Chair in the spring election. If you’re like I was when approached two years ago to run for this position, my first reaction was “Yeah right.” But then as I got to thinking about it, I had no real reason not to run. And then I thought perhaps I could give back to an organization that was my first professional home. And you know what? It’s been a great experience!
Being Chair of MARAC has been fun! Yes it’s had its share of challenges for sure but it has made me a better archivist, leader, manager and professional. It has opened my eyes to so much of what YOU do for MARAC. It has given me the ability to offer change and improvement to our growing organization. It has allowed me to represent MARAC on the national stage at SAA along with my fellow regional presidents. And perhaps most importantly, I’ve gotten to know so many more of you than before.
It is challenging? Sure. Is it time-consuming? Not as much as I thought. Is it scary? Of course! But all of this is what’s made the whole thing worth it. For most of us, “now” is never the right time so when is? There are so many proven and capable leaders in MARAC. We need you to consider serving!

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