New MARAC Administrator

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference:
On behalf of the hiring committee for MARAC (Linda Ries, Jim Gerencser, and myself), I am pleased to announce the hiring of our new MARAC Administrator.  As you may know, our current Administrator, Holly Ott, informed MARAC that she would be leaving next month to pursue a doctoral program.  We wish Holly all the best as she embarks on this new chapter in her life.  The organization has benefited tremendously with Holly as our Administrator and we were faced with the situation of filling some very large shoes.
MARAC posted an ad in Central Pennsylvania to solicit candidates for a new administrator.  We received twelve resumes and the interview committee selected three individuals for in-person interviews.  On Friday June 21, we held interviews in the library at Dickinson College.   After completing the three interviews, the committee unanimously decided to offer the position of MARAC Administrator to Tammy Hoffman.
Tammy had previously worked in the Admissions Office of Dickinson College and also worked for her family’s IT business.  Tammy brings to the position of MARAC Administrator everything that we were looking for – an outgoing, energetic personality; a skill-set that will help the members of MARAC with all of their needs; and the technical and customer service skills to support MARAC.
Tammy is very interested in learning more about MARAC.  Her training with Holly begins today, July 8.  The two Administrators will transition the workings of MARAC over the next several weeks, Tammy will come to the MARAC Summer Steering Committee on July 26 and then she will be ready to stand on her own for MARAC.
I hope that you will all join me in welcoming Tammy to MARAC and help her to help us with this great organization.
John LeGloahec
MARAC Chair, 2013-2015


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