Winterim Class at Rutgers University

I will be teaching a Winterim class–Grant Writing for Nonprofit Cultural Organizations and Historical Museums— at Rutgers University-Camden campus that I think will interest you and your colleagues.

The class is open to all; registration is now open. Registration information can be found at Cost for the 3 credit semester hours is $2,024 for New Jersey residents; $3,194 for non-residents.

The Winterim is a short, intensive session between Fall And Spring Semesters. The class combines face-to-face classroom lectures & discussions; a field trip to the Newark Public Library; computer lab exercises at the Foundation Center in Philadelphia; and online collaborative exercises on SAKAI, a course management platform.

The course immerses students in current issues of fundraising and project/program development for nonprofit cultural institutions and historical museums. The course challenges students to analyze and evaluate history and cultural heritage projects and programs for funding opportunities and provides the opportunity to collaborate with professional development staff in the design, justification, budgeting and scheduling of a fundable project and to write and submit a complete grant to the appropriate regional or national funding agency.

For a copy of the syllabus or additional information, write me at maria.e.gonzalez [at]

Classes will meet 7 times as follows:

1) Monday December 23, 2013
2) Thurs January 2, 2014
3) Friday January 3, 2014
4) Monday January 6, 2014
5) Tuesday January 7, 2014
6) Tues January 14, 2014
7) Thurs January 16, 2014


Maria E. Gonzalez, MLIS, PhD
5105 Kennett Pike
Winterthur, DE 19735-1819


News from Virginia Caucus and MAA Solicitation

Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell appointed Research Archivist, Ervin L. Jordan, Jr., as a senior advisor to the Norfolk State University Board of Visitors: The governor said,”Professor Ervin Jordan, alumnus of Norfolk State and current professor at the University of Virginia, can provide counsel to the administration and faculty on matters related to the academic environment and lend expertise on academic excellence at NSU.” (

MARAC Boston: Spring 2015

Hello MARAC-ers!

As you may have heard, we are planning a joint conference with our
colleagues to the north, the New England Archivists, in Spring 2015.
We first investigated Brooklyn for this big event but it proved to be
too expensive. We would have had to spend a great, great deal on food.
And, we would have received very little food in return, very expensive
crackers and water. We would not have been spending a lot of money and
getting lobster and champagne. Also, the room rate would have been at
the very highest point of what we ask you to spend. We are now
looking at Boston. Our goal is to locate an affordable city that would
be a draw to members of both organizations. We understand that for
many of you, especially those centrally located in our region, travel
costs to Boston will be higher than you usually spend. We hope that
those costs will not be prohibitive. The conference registration rates
will be comparable to what we would need to charge in any other major

At this point, we are working on a Boston hotel contract. An
important part of the contract is estimating how many sleeping rooms
MARAC will need to reserve. The number of sleeping rooms that we
obtain directly influences how much we have to spend on food, along
with whether or not there are any fees for using the meeting space.
The hotel’s sleeping room revenue, how much money is spent on food,
and whether or not there is a charge for using the meeting space are
all interrelated. They are dominoes in a circle, each falling and
hitting the other in a systematic way.

In order to get a feel for how many sleeping rooms we think we might
be using, Tammy (our administrator) will be sending out a link to a
Survey Monkey survey. Please take a few minutes to complete the
survey. Honestly let us know if you are likely to come to Boston. Not
whether or not you would like to make it to Boston, but where or not
it is realistic to think that you will. And, are you more likely to
want a double or a single room? These numbers will be very important
for us to utilize in negotiating the hotel contract. Whether or not we
fill up all the rooms we reserve in a hotel is an important economic
consideration. If we do not meet the “room block” (the number of
sleeping rooms we reserve) there is usually a financial penalty. In
other words, we have to make up what the hotel lost not selling those
rooms to someone else. We do not want to reserve more rooms than we
are likely to need, but we want to reserve enough rooms so that as
many members as possible can take advantage of the reduced conference

Thank you for your time. Oh, and please do the survey as soon as you
can, once it hits your mailbox. Much thanks and see you in Rochester!

-Mary Mannix, MARAC Vice Chair

MARAC Operations Manual is now a Wiki

Does anyone know of or remember the infamous MARAC “green binder?” That’s where once upon a time MARAC tried to keep the written record of what the heck each officer, caucus representative, committee chair, or any of the other leaders are supposed to do. Yes there is the MARAC website, but it only contains a smattering of this information, mainly in the form of official bylaw speak, and not an actual list of responsibilities and duties, and how they are to accomplish their myriad tasks.

The problem has been, however, that over the years things change, but the binder never did. So, over the past few years, an attempt has been made to update all of this information so that it’s timely. As a result, every person in a MARAC leadership position has been responsible for making sure their respective section is clear and accurate.

So now that we have an up-to-date “MARAC Operations Manual,” it does no good to continue to live in paper in our Google and Facebook world. Rather, this information should be shared broadly and so now has a new life as a wiki and is open to all. Having an up-to-date operations manual visible to MARAC members can especially serve our Nominations & Elections Committee because one of the concerns they always hear from potential nominees for ANY position in MARAC is “I don’t know what they do.” Granted, the bylaws as listed on the MARAC website codifies most of the positions but in terms of strict bylaws language, and not really about what the job really entails and exactly what it is responsible for.

As one of my duties as the recently departed MARAC Chair, I assigned to myself the creation of the wiki and want to truly thank all those chairs of every MARAC committee/caucus and on down the line that worked with me to see that the wiki truly reflects how MARAC is run today. I encourage all MARAC members to take a look at it, if nothing else to see for themselves what it is that we do at so many levels. And heck, maybe it will inspire you too to run for MARAC Chair!!

Ed Galloway
MARAC Chair, 2011-2013


The following message was sent to all membership in September and October, but as we bask in the glow of Philadelphia and THE BIGGEST MARAC MEETING EVER, let’s remember that it is those who volunteer to serve the organization that make it such a vibrant and strong organization. You can contribute to MARAC’s success by running for one of the office or committee openings previously announced…

The Nominations & Elections Committee is currently seeking individuals who are interested in standing for nomination and running for a position in the upcoming 2014 MARAC election. Open positions include the following choices:

-Custer Award Committee
-Finding Aids
-Nominations & Elections Committee

If you are interested in carrying the leadership banner for your home locale as part of the Steering Committee, please consider running for Caucus Chair as a representative of the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia.
Further Information about offices, committees, and governance is available on the MARAC homepage at – If you have additional questions, more details can also be happily furnished upon request.
Please contact a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee if you are interested in running, or know someone who you think would be an ideal candidate for any one of these open positions.
Thank you in advance for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you!
MARAC Nominations & Elections Committee
Alan DeLozier, Chair,
Jenny Kinniff,

News from William & Mary

Robert M. Gates to give papers and $1.5 million to William & Mary

William & Mary Chancellor and former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates ’65, L.H.D. ’98 will donate his personal papers to his undergraduate alma mater, the university announced today. Gates and his wife, Rebecca, have also committed from their estate a gift currently estimated at $1.5 million, which would include a $1.45 million bequest to help attract and support international relations and global studies undergraduates of outstanding academic distinction by providing them scholarships. The remaining $50,000 has been designated for the cataloging and digitization of Secretary Gates’ papers.

Click here for the full article!

News from Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives at Syracuse

For the past year the Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives at Syracuse University has been accumulating a list of relevant dates relating to the tragedy of Pan Am 103. From December 5, 1988 when the Helsinki Warning was issued to U.S. government outposts in Europe, through February 25, 2013 when a contingent of U.K. and U.S. law enforcement agents visited Tripoli to continue the investigation into the bombing, The Archives has included key events relating to the bombing and subsequent investigation, the families’ continuous search for justice and airline security, and memorial events held in Lockerbie, Syracuse and Washington, D.C.

The timeline provides condensed captions summarizing each event. Most events also have a relevant image, document or video attached; these are all part of the Archives collection and provide additional information for those who would like to explore the events in detail. Also included in the timeline are lists of related collections contained in the Archives so that researchers may better understand how our materials may be used for scholarship.

The timeline will continue to be updated as new events in the Pan Am 103 saga unfold. The Archives hopes that this timeline will prove to be a valuable resource for those interested in the history of Pan Am 103.

The Timeline may be found at