Mass E-mails from MARAC

Are you getting all the latest news from MARAC? If you haven’t been receiving e-mails from MARAC including information about upcoming conferences, membership renewals, and links to new issues of the Mid-Atlantic Archivist, you may have inadvertently shut off all mass e-mails from the administrator account. Luckily, reinstating these messages is a relatively easy fix.

 To start receiving MARAC e-mails again log-in to MemberClicks from the MARAC homepage, click on “My Profile” under “Quick Links” on the left side of the screen. Then choose “Contact Preferences” under the “My Profile” tab. On this next screen, make sure “I want to receive emails sent to multiple recipients” is selected, and then click “Save.” You can view a screencast detailing this process here.

 If you have any questions about mass e-mails from MARAC and/or your MemberClicks account, please feel free to contact our administrator, Tammy Hoffman, at


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