Rochester MARAC: The Delights of the South Wedge and Swillburg

These two neighborhoods offer great eats and drinks on a budget! John’s Tex Mex on South Avenue in the South Wedge area can fill any desire you have for great Tex Mex. You can sit outside or inside, either way you’re in for a treat. If sandwiches are what you crave stop by Open Face, which offers great vegetarian and vegan options. Don’t have time for sit down? Pop in the Mise en Place Market where you can carry out or sit at one of their high top table and watch street traffic. Satisfy your craving for sweets with a visit at Hedonist Chocolates for bite of heaven, or Cheese Eddies for a great variety of cheesecakes and other treats. Looking for a happy hour hang out, then head to Tap and Mallet on Gregory Street for good eats and locally craft beer. Or head over to Lux Café for your night’s entertainment.

Drawing its name from the tannery that used to run next to I-490 in the 19th century, Swillburg is an off the beaten path neighborhood with great diners and international options. Compare the grub at Highland Park Diner and its near-by competitor- the South Wedge Diner. If you chose Highland Park Diner, be sure and save time to see a double feature at The Cinema across the street. On South Clinton Street, you might try Shiki Japanese for great sushi, or Lilu Café & Ethiopian. You’ll also find the India House, which offers a great lunch buffet as you get ready to hit the road after the last MARAC session on Saturday.

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