Spring 2014 Election Announcement

The MARAC Nominations & Elections Committee, (Alan Delozier, Tammy Hamilton, Dan Horvath, Jenny Kinniff, Dan Linke, and Matthew Strauss), with the assistance from the MARAC Administrator, Tammy Hoffman, and MARAC Chair, John LeGloahec, wish to thank the members who participated in the recent election to determine our newest incoming officials.

A total of 40 candidates competed for the offices of Treasurer, Secretary, Finding Aids Award Committee, Arline Custer Award Committee, Nominations & Elections Committee, and all of the State Caucus Representatives. The Committee especially thanks the candidates who ran for these offices.

When the tallies were completed, we had a total of 436 votes recorded, which is an all-time record, eclipsing the 377 ballots received last year. With all ballots received and verified, the Committee announces the winners of the 2014 MARAC Election.

Treasurer – Jennifer McDaid

Secretary – Dyani Feige

Finding Aids – * Maureen Callahan, Casey Babcock, Cara Griggs, Scott Ziegler

Arline Custer Award – * Laura Gilmour Stoner, Jay Gaidmore

Nominations & Elections – * Susan McElrath (Chair), Adrianna Cuervo, Tara Wink

Delaware – Emily Cottle

District of Columbia – Andrew Cassidy-Amstutz

Maryland – Vincent Novara

New Jersey – Laura Poll

New York – Michael Martin

Pennsylvania – Valerie-Anne Lutz

Virginia – Margaret Kidd

West Virginia – Nat DeBruin

(* Indicates Top Vote Receiver)
Respectfully Submitted,

Alan Delozier, Chair – Nominations and Elections Committee


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