Call to Serve: For All MARAC Members

While you have all seen the results of the recent Elections, there are still opportunities to serve in this great organization! The committees below are looking for members – please email John LeGloahec, MARAC Chair at if you are interested in serving on one of these great committees!

  • Development Committee needs four members. The Development committee is responsible for coordinating external fundraising efforts for MARAC.
  • The Education Committee is responsible for the great Workshops the organization puts on as well as providing scholarships to individuals to attend workshops, the conferences, and the Modern Archives Institute. There are three vacancies on the committee.
  • The Membership Development Committee is all about you – the members. This committee needs one member.
  • The Outreach Committee is in need of two members – this committee is charged with expanding the Membership and helping people learn more about MARAC.
  • Publications Committee will need your help in the fall, when the committee will need a new chair and two new members


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