Message from the Distinguished Service Awards Committee: Special Election Announcement

Attention all MARAC Members:
Thanks to everyone who participated in the most recent elections and congratulations to all those candidates who were successful in being elected to new positions in MARAC. However, due to an oversight, there was no election of any members to serve on the Distinguished Service Awards Committee. As a result a special election will be held to elect two members to this committee in June 2014.

The DSA committee is comprised of the immediate Past MARAC Chair, Ed Galloway, MARAC Archivist Lauren Brown, and two members elected by the membership. Elected committee members serve a one-year term and evaluate submissions to award the MARAC Hollinger Metal Edge Distinguished Service Award to a MARAC Member, in recognition of their dedication to MARAC and the archival profession.

If you are interested in this committee and would like to run in the special election, please contact Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, Susan McElrath at Candidates will be reviewed and a slate prepared by May 30. The election will be held from June 2-30, via Survey Monkey balloting.

If you have any questions or comments about this special election, please feel free to contact MARAC Chair John LeGloahec at Thank you to all for your dedication to MARAC.


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