News from The Rockefeller Library, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: Online Exhibit

The Rockefeller Library is pleased to announce that a new online exhibit is available via our Omeka site. Titled “Highlights of the Albert Durant Collection,” it features a selection of photos taken by Albert Durant, the first licensed African American photographer in Williamsburg. The exhibit is divided into the following categories: Biography, Education, Local Businesses, Local Organizations, Recreation, Entertainment, and Spiritual Life. Accompanying text provides brief background and context information for each photo.

The library staff welcomes feedback, suggestions and corrections from the community, as compilation of caption data for the photos is ongoing.
A special note of thanks is due to Amy Speckart, Special Collections intern, who co-curated the exhibit with Marianne Martin, Visual Resources Librarian. Amy’s historical and editorial expertise is gratefully appreciated! We also wish to acknowledge the guidance and assistance of Brian Palmer, Rockefeller Library Fellow; Linda Rowe, historian; and Doug Mayo, Associate Librarian and Head of Special Collections.

Marianne Martin

Visual Resources Librarian
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Phone: 757-565-8542
Fax: 757-565-8528


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