Message from the MARAC Chair: Important News!

Attention All MARAC Members:

As you may know, at the Summer Steering Committee meeting, the Ad Hoc Committee for the Revision of MARAC’s Governing Documents was established by the Steering Committee.  This Ad Hoc committee picked up where the “Committee on Committees” left off, looking at ways to streamline the way MARAC conducts its business. 

Recommendations proposed by the Committee on Committees that did not require a vote by the MARAC Membership were approved by the Steering Committee in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014.  After additional discussion by the Steering Committee, it was determined that a wholesale revision of MARAC’s Governing Documents was a more efficient approach to making the necessary changes to MARAC’s way of doing business.  This will allow for the membership to vote on the adoption of a new set of Governing Documents, rather than a piecemeal approach of several votes on individual amendments to the MARAC Constitution and Bylaws.

I encourage all MARAC members who are registered for the Fall 2014 Meeting in Baltimore to attend the MARAC Town Hall on Friday afternoon from 4:00pm to 5:30pm to make sure that your voice is heard on this important change that is being proposed for MARAC.  Please note, that if you are not registered for the meeting – but would like to attend the Town Hall meeting – you may do so, without registering for the meeting.  Please send your name to the MARAC Administrator, Tammy Hoffman, at, and she will log your name and you may check in at the registration table to receive a pass to attend the meeting.

The Ad Hoc Committee was charged with undertaking a wholesale revision of MARAC’s Constitution and Bylaws and to create one Governing Document (MARAC Bylaws) and applying appropriate parliamentary procedure to the new document (Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised) to reflect our standing as a modern, professional organization, and to incorporate those changes already approved by the Steering Committee into the new document.

The draft that will be discussed by the membership at the Town Hall Meeting is the result of outstanding work by the Ad Hoc Committee, chaired by past MARAC Chair Lisa Mangiafico, and members Jim Gerencser, Amy Schindler, David D’Onfrio, and Andrew Cassidy-Amstutz, along with MARAC Parliamentarian, Dawn Fairchild.  I am deeply grateful for their dedication to this essential work on moving MARAC forward.

In revising the MARAC Constitution and Bylaws, a decision was made to blend the informality present in the current MARAC Governing Documents with the formal parliamentary language that exists in the parliamentary language found in the formality of bylaws, and also did not repeat language that already exists in the MARAC Articles of Incorporation.

While copies will be available at the Town Hall Meeting, please review the draft MARAC Governing Document and the associated chart, which details the specific changes to the current documents and gives a rationale for the proposed change, prior to the Town Hall Meeting.  Members of the Ad Hoc Committee and the MARAC leadership will be available throughout the Fall Conference as well as during the Town Hall Meeting for questions.
Following the Town Hall meeting, a survey will be sent to the MARAC membership asking for additional feedback, over an above any feedback received at the Town Hall Meeting, for those who are unable to attend the Town Hall Meeting.  A new draft of the MARAC Governing Documents will be submitted to Steering for discussion at the Winter Steering Committee meeting and subsequently discussed by the membership at the Spring 2015 meeting and the new MARAC Governing Documents will be submitted for a vote by the membership in Summer 2015.  If adopted, the documents will be effective July 1, 2016.  A new Ad Hoc Committee on Transitioning to the New Governing Documents will be established in Summer 2015.

I look forward to hearing from the MARAC Membership on these great changes coming to MARAC – your voice is important and we can only be successful with the support of the membership at large.  Please feel free to contact me at if you have any additional questions or concerns and are unable to join us at the Fall Conference.

John LeGloahec

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