Message from the MARAC Meeting Task Force

Help us improve our meetings!

Is there something about our meeting model that drives you crazy? Do you have some wild idea you would like to see MARAC try? Now is your chance to let it all out. Don’t be shy, your idea may be the next great thing for our organization!

This past summer MARAC Chair John LeGloahec created a task force to evaluate our current meeting model. The members of this task force include Tim Corlis, meeting coordinating committee member; Margaret Kidd, Virginia caucus rep; Adriana Cuervo, long-time MAC member and new to MARAC; and Susan Kline, steering committee member-at-large and chair of the task force. After some discussion and review of conference evaluations, we have come up with several areas for review. These include:

·         Call for proposals and session formation
·        How members utilize the conference program in both printed and electronic form
·         Ways to encourage broader participation

It is clear from the conference evaluations that MARAC members find the meetings useful and enjoyable, but that there is always room for improvement. Many commenters have suggested trying different types of session formats and lengths, creating more networking opportunities, encouraging greater participation, etc. The task force would like to get feedback from the membership about what you want from the meetings and ideas on how to improve them.
Please give this some thought and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or send an email to task force chair Susan Kline at If you are attending the Baltimore meeting, task force members would be happy to talk with you.  Members will also learn more about the task force at the town hall and business meetings.

We look forward to hearing from you!

MARAC Meeting Task Force

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