Message from the MARAC Outreach Committee: 2014 Archives Month – "History is All Around Us"

The theme for 2014 Archives Month in the MARAC Region is “History is All Around Us.”  

American Archives Month is intended to raise public awareness about the importance of historic documents and records. To celebrate Archives Month in the MARAC region, the Steering Committee designated the month of October for activities to raise awareness and to publicize the importance of archives.  Although member states and institutions may promote their own themes, MARAC encourages all members and member institutions in October 2014 to consider the role of archives and archivists in raising awareness about the pervasiveness of history—and the archival repositories that house historical records and artifacts—in everyday life.
Your outreach efforts could include posting items in these areas at your institution:
  • Elevators  
  • Stairs
  • Entry Desk
And could include items such as:
  • Bookmarks  
  • QR Codes
  • Social Media


Photographs courtesy of David D’Onofrio, United States Naval Academy

For more in-depth information about Archives Month, please see our website ( for suggestions and ideas. Do you have other innovative outreach ideas?  Consider sharing them with your colleagues via outlets such as the MARAC Blog (  Or, to submit Archives Month events for inclusion on this page, please contact the MARAC Outreach Committee at
Happy Archives Month!

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