Call for Submissions: 2014 MARAC Finding Aid Awards

The Finding Aid Award is given yearly to recognize outstanding achievement in the preparation of finding aids by institutions within the MARAC region. Nominated finding aids must have been made available to the public for the first time during 2014.

The top award will receive the designation of the Fredric M. Miller Finding Aids Award, in honor of Dr. Miller’s contributions to the field as archivist and author. Monetary awards will be presented at the Spring 2015 meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

Call for Submissions
In the last decade, there have been significant changes in the processes by which archivists arrange, describe and make their collections available to the public: most notably, the widespread adoption of streamlined processing practices and a push to make our work available online. At the same time, the fundamentals of good finding aids have remained the same: they provide content that enables researchers to understand the materials in our collections and are designed to help them find what they need easily and quickly.

The Finding Aids Committee invites MARAC members to nominate exceptional finding aids for the 2012 MARAC Finding Aid Awards. Successful finding aids will have outstanding content, take full advantage of the design capabilities inherent in their medium of publication, and incorporate successful innovations that enable researchers to more effectively access and use archival materials. Please see Characteristics of Successful Finding Aids for more details.

Submissions are due by December 31, 2014 and must include:
– A link to the finding aid’s URL
– A nomination letter that addresses the finding aids’ exceptional qualities and/or discusses elements not readily apparent from examination of the finding aid itself.

Please see our Finding Aid Awards Submission Checklist for further information concerning the nomination letter and optional submission materials. Submissions should be sent to the Chair of the Finding Aid Award Committee:
Regine Heberlein, Senior Co-chair

MARAC’s Distinguished Service Award Needs YOU to Nominate a Colleague

PLEASE NOTE: there is a NEW deadline for the 2015 Distinguished Service Award! Since the MARAC Spring meeting with NEA is earlier than our traditional meeting, we need to move up the deadline by a few weeks to January 26, but this still gives you 12 weeks to nominate someone!

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) was born from a desire to support local archivists with opportunities for professional development, education, and collaboration. As a volunteer organization, MARAC depends on the sustained dedication and efforts of our members to provide these valuable services. MARAC values and honors those who have committed their time and expertise to developing and promoting our wonderful programs. The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) recognizes accomplished members who have made significant contributions to MARAC’s success and to the broader archival profession. The DSA Committee is currently seeking nominees for this annual award. Recognition will be accompanied by a $250 honorarium, provided through the generosity of Hollinger Metal Edge, Inc.
Nominations can be made by any MARAC member using the Distinguished Service Award Nomination form, available on the MARAC website. The form should be returned to Committee Chair Ed Galloway [] no later than January 26, 2015. Any member wishing to make a nomination is strongly encouraged to provide additional letters of support for the nomination, which may be sent with the nomination form or under separate cover to the committee chair.
Those eligible for nomination may include the following:
Significant Service to MARAC, including:
• MARAC officer
• Elected Member of Steering
• Committee chair (standing, ad-hoc, local arrangements, or program)
• Committee member
• Session or workshop presenter (especially if done multiple times)
Significant Service to the Profession, such as:
• Board member, officer, committee chair, or section leaders of affiliated national or international organizations (such as SAA, ACA, NAGARA, ICA, ARMA, and ALA sections)
• Archival standards committee member
• Publications (books or journal articles) in area of archival theory or practice
• Archival educator (professors or workshop presenters, for audiences at all levels)
• CoSA or SHRAB member
• Grant reviewer for NEH, NHPRC, and other programs awarding archival grants
On behalf of MARAC, the DSA Committee thanks you for your participation. Reward exceptional service and nominate a deserving colleague today!
Ed Galloway
Chair, MARAC Distinguished Service Award
Alison Oswald
DSA Member
Pam Whitenack
DSA Member
Lauren Brown

Ex-Officio Member