MARAC/NEA Spring 2015: We’ve Got 99 Problems and a Thaw Ain’t One

Another installment in our series about Boston snow. Thanks to Marta Crilly for sharing these tips. Personally, I’m looking forward to trying the tea/hot chocolate options.

We’ve Got 99 Problems and a Thaw Ain’t One
I am an archivist who loves a good historic New England snow storm. So, in January, when I saw a blizzard forecast, I made all the necessary preparations with glee. I did some archival research on city snow removal, I scanned some photos of Blizzard of ’78 for my repository’s social media feeds, and I stocked up on tea, hot chocolate, cheese, and wine.  One month and 99 inches of snow later (as of this writing, we have had exactly 99 inches of snow in my neighborhood), I’m still into the snow, but I’m also looking forward to spring, though I know it brings mud and flooded streets.  Harvey Leonard, Boston’s Weather – , tells me that a thaw isn’t coming our way soon though, so here’s some wisdom I’ve obtained during the last 99 inches of snow.  
Do Not Wear White Trousers
We have slush. Urban slush. Everything you wear on the lower half of your body should be black, gray, and preferably impervious to any kind of moisture.  
Do look out for the Icicles of Doom
The Icicles of Doom are real and they are dangerous. Bostonians always keep one eye on the sky, and you should too.
The Icicles of Doom

Do Not Wear Cute Shoes
Our historic storm drains laugh at your cute shoes.
Do play “Is that a car or is it a snow drift”
Need a way to entertain yourself as you sight see around the city? This game is both challenging and fun! Also, a good way to break the ice with new archivist friends.

Is there a car lurking under this snow drift?
Do not jump naked out of second story windows into snow drifts.
Remember, you might think you are jumping into a snow drift, but it’s a probably a car that hasn’t been shoveled out.  Also, as Mayor Walsh reminded us recently, this isn’t Loon Mountain. It’s the City of Boston. Presumably, it’s okay for people to jump out of second story windows on Loon Mountain.
Do drink a hot chocolate
This is prime hot chocolate weather. There are many excellent places to obtain a good stout Boston hot chocolate, but my favorite purveyor of creamy goodness is Burdicks. And if tea or fancy pour over coffee is your winter weather beverage of choice, try Render in the South End or David’s Tea on the Freedom Trail.
Keep these handy rules in mind and you will glide through Boston’s 99 inches, hassle and worry free, just like Snowzilla!

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