MARAC/NEA Spring 2015: Museums in Boston – MFA, ICA, Harvard Art Museums

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is all classic architecture. The MFA originally opened its doors in 1876 in Copley Square. Thirty three years later, the museum moved to its current home on Huntington Avenue. In 2010, the museum completed a new wing to house its American Art collections.

The museum is host to many different exhibits, contemporary and historical. Some current highlights include the visiting masterpiece, Gustav Klimt’s Adam and Eve; Nature Sculpture, Abstraction, and Clay: 100 Years of American Ceramics; and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

The museum also has a great collection of Asian Art, currently featuring an exhibit entitled Court Ladies or Pin Up Girls? Chinese Paintings from the MFA Boston. This exhibit includes paintings, prints, posters and photographs, dating from the 11th through to the 20th century.

In recent weeks, a collection of Nazi-looted art, which was originally owned by the Rothschild family, and was recovered by the heirs, has been generously gifted to the museum. The collection consists of 186 items, and ranges from paintings to furniture to decorative arts, and jewelry.

The MFA Curators address the issues of Provenance and ownership history of the items.

More information on these exhibits, plus other currently on display, can all be found at

ICA, Photo by Tor Lillqvist, Flickr Creative Commons,

If the MFA is classic-styled art, the ICA is modern. The Institute of Contemporary Art is located near the Seaport District of Boston, and is easily accessible by the silver line. Their current special exhibit is When the Stars Begin to Fall: Imagination and the American South. The Boston Globe calls this exhibit “provocative, a volatile mash-up, alive to recent art history and laced with surprising connections.” For more information, please see

The Harvard Art Museums, just across the river in Cambridge MA, have only recently re-opened under a mass renovation project. Now under one roof, these museums display a wide variety of art from European to Asian to American. A few of the ‘special’ collections include, Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Bronzes; Gordon Wahd Gahan photograph collection; and Prints and Pursuit of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe.

You can find more information at  

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