MARAC/NEA Spring 2015: Reception Pub Quiz

Archivists across the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions are finalizing the details of their plans for our joint meeting in Boston this week and revving up for what will be the biggest and most collaborative regional meeting many of us have ever seen. Some of us will recognize each other from SAA or other national organizations, but for a lot of us this will be a first opportunity to make connections outside of our respective regions. While the meat of the meeting–the phenomenal sessions that are in store*–will provide a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other, what else can we do to make sure we make cross-regional connections?

“Scholar Quiz,” Image from Flickr Commons user “sea turtle,”
My suggestion? Attend the reception on Friday, March 20, in the Georgian/Arlington room from 5:00-8:00 pm. This will be an excellent opportunity for all archivists in attendance to catch up, discuss Friday’s sessions and plenary talk, and/or get to know each other over drinks and snacks.

Starting at 5:45, NEA and MARAC attendees will have the chance to team up and take each other on in a friendly Pub Quiz, emceed by your friendly Program Committee members Frances Harrell and myself. The questions will cover a wide range of archives- and revolution-themed topics, and teams will have opportunities to wager and earn extra points throughout the competition. Teams will consist of up to 4 players, and we will award bonus points to all teams that have two NEA and two MARAC participants. Teams finishing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will head home with prizes generously donated by MARAC/NEA Spring 2015 vendors.** There will be Pub Quiz sign-up sheets at the registration table and at the reception, so sign up early and ready your brains for some fun trivia!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Boston later in the week!
*Plan ahead and prioritize your sessions! Schedule available on NEA and MARAC websites.


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