News from the New Jersey Caucus: Monmouth County Archives

Gary D. Saretzky, Archivist

The Monmouth County Archives has recently added a tenth online searchable database to its webpage, Naturalizations, 1907-1991. More than 29,000 naturalizations performed in Monmouth County are included:

Also recently posted is the 89 page illustrated catalog for the current exhibit, “The Civil War: New Jersey in Focus,” at  The exhibit will continue to be on view until Summer 2015.

Two videos, each nearly an hour long, from the last Archives and History Day, October 11, 2014, are now available at  One is the plenary session, including Niquole Primiani, New Jersey Historical Commission, on the NJ350 website; Jane Clayton Award presentation by County Clerk M. Claire French to Jack and Angel Jeandron; Freeholder Lilian Burry; movie on the history of the Monmouth County Library featuring Library Board Chair Renee Swartz; Roger McDonough Award presentation by Ron Becker to Janet Reimer; and Barbara Carver Smith Award presentation by Monmouth Genealogy Society President Linda Wilson to Richard Veit (and Cynthia Kiefer in absentia). The other video is of the featured speaker, Joe Becton, who presented a spirited program on Civil War Music accompanied by Antoine  Watts.

This year’s Archives & History Day at the Monmouth County Library will be on October 3 with keynote speaker Professor Melissa Ziobro of Monmouth University. She is the former archivist and historian of Fort Monmouth, The theme for the annual exhibit will be the 1910-1920 era in New Jersey, a decade that included memorable and influential events such as World War I (which led to the establishment of what became Fort Monmouth), the sinkings of the Titanic and Lusitania, woman’s suffrage movement, developments in air and auto transportation, huge explosions of munitions depots, and many others that involved New Jersey residents. The exhibit will open on October 1. For more information:

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