MARAC Movie Night

Everyone loves looking at old movie clips—our patrons, donors, and even archivists.  Back in the mid-1990s, when MARAC was held in Wilmington, DE three fall conferences in a row, I attended my first MARAC conference.  After all those years, I still remember one event: “Movie Night.” (Whoever organized the program, thank you!!)  MARAC members submitted short film clips from their collections that were shown during this event.  Not only was movie night entertaining, it was really interesting to see the types of film footage held at MARAC institutions.  I particularly remember watching public services programs (“Duck and Cover” and “How to Date”) to “Mr. Ed and War Bonds” and “Sonny Bono talks about Marijuana.” Subjects taken seriously long ago may be highly amusing now.  One person included a segment from an old horror movie that was so bad, it was hilarious!  Ever since, I’ve wanted to delve into my collection of video holdings to see if there was something equally entertaining I could show my MARAC colleagues for a future movie night event.   So…if you want to see movie night again, please submit something soon!  (So far there are only two submissions).  Submissions don’t have to be funny, just interesting or fun to watch.  Even if you aren’t attending the Roanoke conference, you can still submit.  So…please send me something for movie night or it will be “all alone night” for this archivist.  See you in Roanoke!
Please send your submission to Beth Harris.  Clips should be on a DVD and in Quicktime-compatable formats (i.e. .mp4, m4v or .mov).  For questions, contact Beth at  
Beth S. Harris
Wyndham Robertson Library
7950 E. Campus Dr. / P.O. Box 9000
Hollins University
Roanoke, VA 24020

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