MARAC Roanoke: Rideshare and Roomshare Spreadsheets

Attendees to the Philadelphia MARAC meeting in 2013 and the Rochester meeting in 2014 may recall the spreadsheets that were set up to help conference attendees find roommates and rideshares.  The Membership Development Committee is continuing this tradition for the upcoming Roanoke meeting taking place this October 8-10.  While we’re less than two weeks away from MARAC Roanoke, you may still be looking for a ride or a roommate.
These spreadsheets can be edited by anyone and all attendees are welcome to use them.  Once you have found a ride or a roommate, please come back and update your entry accordingly.  Both spreadsheets will be deleted on October 17, 2015, one week after the conference ends.
The spreadsheets are intended for informational use only. This is not a matching service; you need to use the information on the spreadsheets to find people with whom to share rooms and rides. Please use good judgment and common sense when reaching out to strangers. MARAC and MARAC officers are not responsible for the contents of these spreadsheets or for any actions that result from using these spreadsheets.
If you require any assistance with the spreadsheets, please contact Sara Borden, Chair of the Membership Development Committee, at
Click here for the rideshare spreadsheet
Click here for the roomshare spreadsheet

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