Call for Additional Presenters: MARAC Pittsburgh, Spring 2016

The Program Committee is looking for additional presenters for the following topics. See descriptions below for details and contact information.
MARAC Pittsburgh will also feature pop-up sessions and a graduate student poster session–more details soon!
Topic: MPLP
Do you love MPLP? Hate it? Have stories of how it worked wonders or maybe was a total disaster? Looking to organize a lively debate on this topic. Contact Emily Cottle (
Topic: How to Create an Oral History Program
Do you work with oral history collections? Have you started an oral history program? Then consider helping to run a mini-workshop at MARAC on starting oral history programs! This workshop will cover the main steps from defining the project’s focus and developing questions all the way through thinking about how to promote and use the oral histories once they’ve been transcribed and edited. Participants will leave the workshop with a step-by-step plan to start an oral history program once they return to their institutions. Contact Kelsey Duinkerken (
Topic: “Scope Drift,” aka Archivists Dealing with Non-Archival Materials
Many archivists, particularly lone arrangers, experience “scope drift” and end up being responsible for collections that fall outside the scope of traditional archives.  For example, my title is “Archivist,” but I am responsible for all of the historic collections (art and artifacts included) at my institution.  This session will discuss our experiences dealing with non-archival collections and how our training as archivists prepared us to take on the challenges of caring and making accessible other types of collections. Depending on the number of speakers, I would like to keep presentations short and make the session more discussion and question/answer based.  Looking for 1-2 additional speakers. Contact Theresa Altieri (

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