Join the Conversation: NEC Twitter Chat on November 17

Thinking about throwing your hat in the ring for MARAC’s upcoming election? Have a question about running? Want to learn more about what it’s like to serve on MARAC’s committees? The Nominations and Elections Committee will be hosting a Twitter chat using the hashtag #electmarac on Tuesday, November 17 from 8-9 PM. All MARAC members, including new, experienced, and prospective MARAC leaders, are encouraged to attend!

How to read the chat: Follow the #electmarac tweets during or after the chat.
How to participate in the chat:
You will need a Twitter account to participate in the chat. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for free at
During the chat, @MARACtweets(the official MARAC Twitter account) will post a series of questions (e.g. ”Q1, Q2”) with the #electmarac hashtag. For example, a question would be constructed as follows:
            Q1 What positions have you held in MARAC? #electmarac
To respond to a question, include the question number (e.g. “Q1, Q2”) and #electmarac in your response so others can find your tweets. A response might look like this:
Q1 Currently serving as WV Caucus Rep, previously served on Custer Committee #electmarac
Attendees can also use the hashtag to ask each other questions related to MARAC leadership and committee service.
Has anyone here served as a state caucus rep? What was your experience like? #electmarac
Can’t make it to the chat? You can email any member of the NEC with your questions about running or to submit a nomination.
The 2015-2016 Nominations and Elections Committee
Cindy Bendroth (
Rebecca Goldman (
Susan Kline (
Charlotte Sturm, Chair (

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