Pittsburgh Popups

Dear MARAC members,
The experiments with the traditional meeting model that began in Roanoke continue to Pittsburgh with “Pittsburgh Popups” – two sessions offering presenters and attendees alike a potpourri of archival topics, issues and projects to inspire and engage with the latest research and projects taking place throughout the region.  To this end, the program committee has set aside slots on Saturday, April 16 (S19 and S24) for presenters to share the latest and greatest going on in their own volunteer, work, study, or research spaces. No need to organize a cohesive panel, just tell us what you’re working on!
What are we looking for? Just about anything, really. Some tracks to consider may be:
·         All Things Digital — technical archives and digital projects, ideas, and issues
·         Outreach Innovations — innovative archival programming
·         Archival Leadership — archival management
·         Outside the Box — non-traditional archives, collections, or services
·         New & Noteworthy — the latest and greatest from around MARAC
Presentations should be approximately 15-20 minutes apiece.
What does this mean? About six weeks before the conference, you’ll receive a link to a Google form to submit a brief proposal for your submission to the Pittsburgh Popups. All proposals will be due by Monday, March 28 at 9am. Descriptions should be no more than 250 words long.
About two weeks before the conference, MARAC members will vote on proposals. Those with the highest vote counts will be assigned to a Pittsburgh Popups session and selected panelists will be notified by end of day, Friday, April 8.
We hope all MARAC members – regardless of rank or experience – will view this as an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and get feedback on projects that have recently ended or may be ongoing still. Positions on all panels are open to everyone, regardless if you are presenting elsewhere in the program.
Questions? Please contact either Lora Davis (ljdavis@jhu.edu) or Deirdre Joyce (djoyce@clrc.org), PopUp Session Coordinators.

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