Teaching with Primary Sources Unconference and Workshops

Mark your calendars for the second annual Teaching with Primary Sources Unconference and Workshops. If you can’t make it, please still read on.

When: all day Wednesday, August 3, 2016 (coincides with SAA conference)

Where: Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History, 101 Auburn Avenue, NE, Atlanta, Georgia

How Much: Free! You’ll have to spring for your own lunch.

What: An “unconference” is a collaborative, non-hierarchical program in which all participants actively inhabit the roles of teacher-learner-conference planner. The Teaching with Primary Sources Unconference organizers seek to create a forum of exchange and foster participation from the wider community of individuals who employ primary sources in teaching and learning activities. Educators, librarians, museum professionals, public historians, artists and designers, scientists, and archivists are encouraged to attend. Individuals employed in or volunteering with K-12, higher education, and community-based programs are all welcome. The unconference is a full day of activities, but participants may come and go as they please depending on their schedules, needs, and interests. While workshops will be organized in advance, unconference sessions will be spontaneous.

The Teaching with Primary Sources Unconference Team is diligently working as you read this announcement to line up a great selection of workshops. We will post this information on our website (bitly.com/SAA16TPS) once speakers have accepted. Anything else is up to the collective will of the participants who show up on August 3. 

Sign Me Up: Okay! bitly.com/SAA16TPS

Even if you aren’t traveling to Atlanta in August, you can help make the unconference a success by passing along this announcement to people in your professional and personal networks. Past and present researchers who have visited your repository, alumni groups from library school, the high school teacher you met during Archives Week and subsequently friended, those cool public librarians you met at ALA one time: please tell them about the unconference. We’re casting a wide net and you can assist us.

The Teaching with Primary Sources Unconference Team is comprised of members of the Teaching with/about Primary Sources (TPS) Committee of the Society of American Archivists’ Reference, Access and Outreach Section. In case you missed it, here’s an article about the inaugural unconference from Archival Outlook: LINK


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