Special Election Results and Call for Nominations and Volunteers for 2017 Election

The MARAC Nominations and Elections Committee want to thank the membership who participated in the recent special election to fill a vacancy on the Finding Aids Award Committee. Six candidates competed for one open position, with a term that ends in Summer 2017. A total of 316 votes were recorded and Michele Combs from the Special Collections Research Center at Syracuse University was the winner of the election. Many thanks to the candidates who ran in the election and for all of the members who voted! Thanks also go to Don Sailer and the MARAC Web Team as well as to Jim Gerencser, MARAC Administrator, for their assistance in holding this election.
Speaking of elections, the Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking volunteers and nominations for the 2017 MARAC election. Open positions in the election will include:
·       Chair-Elect
·       Secretary
·       Meetings Coordinator
·       Nominations and Elections Committee (3 members)
·       Arline Custer Award Committee (2 members)
·       Finding Aids Award Committee (2 members)
·       Scholarship Committee (2 members)
·       Distinguished Service Award Committee (1 member)
·       Members-at-Large (4 members)
Please contact a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee if you are interested in running or if you would like to nominate a colleague.
2016-2017 Nominations and Elections Committee:
Katie Hall, Chair (katie.hall@state.de.us)
Andrew Cassidy-Amstutz (andrew.cassidyamstutz@gmail.com)
Lynn Eaton (eaton2le@jmu.edu)
Jessica Johnson (jejohnson2@vcu.edu)
Valerie-Anne Lutz (vlutz@amphilsoc.org)

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