Fall 2017: Call for Proposals

The Program Committee is now accepting session proposals for the Fall 2017 meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, which will be held on October 26-28, 2017 in Buffalo, New York.
The theme of this meeting will be “Reinvention and Renewal: Putting the Shine on the Nickel City,” and the Program Committee seeks proposals relating to archival reinvention and innovation. Possible topics include:
·         Impact of closures, mergers, and reorganizations on archives and records management programs
·         Reinventing oneself as a manager/supervisor
·         Ensuring collections and services are accessible to people with disabilities
·         American and Canadian perspectives on archival or records management issues
·         New approaches to and new tools for archival work
·         What happens when “hidden” documents and collections come to light

Our host city, Buffalo, New York, is reinventing itself, and the Program Committee also welcomes proposals relating to archives and the rich history of Buffalo and western New York. Possible topics include:
·         The Erie Canal and water-borne transportation
·         Industry and design
·         Documenting immigration—from the colonial era to the present day
·         Native Americans
·         Foodways and food and beverage history
·         Religion
·         Natural and environmental history
These are just a few ideas, and we look forward to seeing your proposals. Whether you have a fully developed proposal or a sliver of an idea, please contact us!
Proposals will be accepted until midnight EST on December 16, 2016.
If you have any questions or have an idea for a session but want some help with fleshing it out and identifying potential speakers, please contact Program Committee co-chairs Cindy Bendroth (cbendroth@pa.gov) and Bonnie Weddle (bonita.weddle@nysed.gov).

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