Final report of the Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion

MARAC’s Task Force on Diversity & Inclusion have released their final report, available for on the Task force webpage: We would like to hear from the membership – your comments, general feedback, areas for improvement, and related resources that you would like to share. Please submit feedback using this anonymous form:

We’re also looking for a new group of members to continue this work – if you are interested in participating in any capacity, please indicate this below. You can also send feedback or other questions directly to the Task Force chair, Lindsey Loeper, at

This report contains updated versions of the diversity definition, the position statement, and the code of conduct, incorporating suggested revisions by members of the Steering committee and the Task Force. The bulk of the report contains recommended initiatives to support the goals outlined in the position statement. These recommendations are arranged by related committee area: Steering, Communications, Meetings and Education, and Membership. Our intention is that this work will be supported by a Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator and Committee in partnership with the existing committees.

In addition to the specific initiatives outlined, we recommend that all MARAC committees and serving members consider how their work promotes, supports, and/or unintentionally hinders our shared goal of working within a diverse and inclusive member organization and profession. The Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator and Committee can assist all committees, not only those targeted in this report, with reviewing their mission and suggesting potential assessment methods to evaluate work in this area.

The Task Force has acknowledged throughout the process that these are complicated issues that will not be remedied by our recommendations alone. The continued commitment shown by our Chair and Chair-Elect, Brian Keough and Vin Novara, the guidance and support provided by the members of the Steering Committee, and the hard work and dedication of our membership will be required in order for MARAC to make a real contribution in moving our profession forward. We acknowledge that this work won’t be easy and that MARAC can’t do it alone, and that we might even fail a few times on the way, but we’re looking forward to getting started.

Kirsten Strigel Carter
Ken Cleary, Member-At-Large
E. Evan Echols
Christine George, Member-At-Large
Josue Hurtado
Lindsey Loeper, Member-At-Large, Chair
Megan Miller


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