Get involved in MARAC: Call for Wilmington committee members!

Looking to get involved in MARAC? The Fall 2018 meeting is looking for volunteers to join its Program Committee and the Local Arrangements Committee. Read on for more information about both opportunities!

The conference will be held October 11-13, 2018 at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, DE.

Local Arrangements Committee
We need 12-15 MARAC members to join our Local Arrangements Committee (LAC).

LAC members should be located within the vicinity of the meeting site. Though a lot of things can be done by email, there will be some in-person meetings and logistical requirements.

LAC responsibilities include facilitating the logistics for the meeting, such as arranging tours, staffing the registration desk, chaperoning dine-arounds, meeting promotion, and more.

Please note that LAC members will need to attend the entire meeting and should not plan to participate in any panels as presenters.

Program Committee
We need 12-20 MARAC members to join our Program Committee (PC).

PC members need not be located geographically nearby; all work can be done by email.

PC responsibilities include planning the meeting content, such discussion sessions and lunch/plenary speakers.

Please note that committee members will not be allowed to participate in any sessions as chairs or presenters.

If you’re interested in joining either committee, please fill out this short Google form:

The committees will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis and committee members will receive an email confirming their membership.

Have questions about this opportunity or want to learn more? Email us at

Emily Cottle, Sarah Denison, Kate Fair
Wilmington Program and Local Arrangements Co-Chairs


Day of Data for Digitization Cost Calculator

The Digitization Cost Calculator is a project undertaken to aggregate and make freely available a large set of data on the time it takes to perform various tasks involved in the digitization process, in order to assist organizations in digitization project planning and benchmarking. The Digital Library Federation’s Cost Assessment Committee has been working to build the Digitization Cost Calculator and draft best practices and guidelines for the collection of time data for various digitization processes, with the goal of standardizing collection of such data in the field as well as to guide data submissions to the Digitization Cost Calculator.

How you can help: We are actively looking for people to submit time data for various aspects of digitization. We have created guidelines for data submission, including a document that outlines processes and definitions. Our aim is that the cost calculator, with the proper data, will be a boon for digitization projects and especially useful in determining costs for projects both large and small.

This July we are undertaking our second “Day of Data” campaign, in which we encourage institutions to collect time data for a short period — as little as a single day — for one or more of the processes the calculator tracks, and to contribute that to the calculator. We have found this is an easy way for people to get involved. We would love for you to participate! Please contact Ann Hanlon,, with any questions.

Ann Hanlon
Head, Digital Collections and Initiatives and DH Lab
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee