Guest Post: Archon Day 2018

Archon Day 2018 was held at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, on June 29 with participants from institutions in Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas, and Ohio. Next year we hope to enable participation from Archon users outside the Midwest by hosting a virtual meeting. Archon users hail from all parts of the country.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the future viability of Archon, the availability of alternative tools, their utility for Archon users in particular, and the Archon Users Collaborative future work in 3-5 years. In 2015-17 some members of the Collaborative paid LibraryHost to update Archon’s code for compatibility with 5.6 PHP. This launched in 2017 and is freely available from the Collaborative’s blogspot (URL below).
At the meeting, the group formed teams focusing on research, code development, and user community communication. Each team has specific objectives and welcomes new team members.
Ideas that were generated include:
  • Explore updating Archon code to work with PHP 7, building off what Calvin College has already completed.
  • Hold Archon Day 2019 virtually and work on communication to get others outside of the Midwest actively involved.
  • Create a comprehensive directory of Archon users to include international institutions for posting on our website.
  • Find partners and look for funding for future development.

For the full meeting report and for more information, visit

Anne Salsich
Oberlin College


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