MARAC Member Minute: Meet Becky Collier!

Rebecca “Becky” Collier

I have worked as an archivist in 20th century military reference at the National Archives & Records Administration for over 30 years. For the past 5 years, I have been on a team that responds to all sorts of reference questions online via History Hub. Everyday is a new adventure! I have learned so much more about the records we have.

As a kid,… I loved history and wanted to spend my days reading historical documents.

I joined and stayed with MARAC because I enjoy meeting other people in the archival profession, visiting various locations in our region, and learning about new archival techniques & ideas.

Any position(s) held in MARAC: Chair, Treasurer, Member-at-Large, member of various Local Arrangement Committees

Why I chose to volunteer: A volunteer organization is only as strong as its membership. All of the positions I have held have been very rewarding

My recommendation to anyone interested in getting involved is: just volunteer! MARAC needs you! You don’t have to be an officer or run for a position on a committee. Be part of a Program or Local Arrangements Committee or volunteer to be a non-elected committee member.

Final words: Just don’t attend MARAC, get involved! It’s very rewarding and you form lasting relationships with the people you volunteer with.


MARAC Member Minute: Meet Christopher Anglim!

Christopher Anglim
Making History Come Alive for All Who Visit

As a kid, I wanted to be: a time traveller.

My little known hobby or talent is: photography, storytelling, and painting

I joined and stayed with MARAC because: I enjoy being in the community of archivists.

Any position(s) held in MARAC: Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee

Why I chose to volunteer: Working with fellow archivists

My recommendation to anyone interested in getting involved is: do it…you won’t regret it.

Final words: Vita est archives! (Archives is Life)

Fall 2021 Meeting Call for Proposals!

Don’t forget, there’s still time! The deadline for proposals is February 2, 2021.

The MARAC Blog

Call for Proposals: MARAC Fall 2021

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC) is seeking session proposals for the Fall 2021 meeting scheduled to be held October 7-9 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The meeting theme is “Sites of Memory,” and the deadline for proposals is February 2, 2021.

The session proposal form is available at

In 1863 Gettysburg was indelibly marked by the Civil War and was ultimately memorialized as the site of the Gettysburg Address. Today it is the site of countless memorials dedicated to the memory of both union and confederate veterans. The Program Committee invites session proposals that explore archives as “sites of memory,” with particular emphasis on how archives are influenced by, or else are influencers in, emerging world events and technologies as well as how archives serve and adapt to the changing needs of our diverse users. Topics may include:

  • The impact of societal events…

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Mid-Atlantic Archivist Winter ’21 out now!

The Winter issue of the Mid-Atlantic Archivist is out now! Be sure to check out Michael Comeau, Autumn Haag, and Alan Delozier’s analysis of “The Enduring Value of Defeated Presidential Candidate’s Papers” in the newly published Winter 2021 issue of the Mid-Atlantic Archivist beginning on page 4.