MARAC Member Minute: Meet Cassandra Berman!

Cassandra Berman

Georgetown University, Archivist for the Maryland Province Archives.  The collection I am in charge of documents the Jesuit presence in North America from the 1600s through the 20th century.  Among other things, it contains the records of Jesuit slaveholding practices, and Georgetown’s own implication in the slave trade – especially the Jesuits’ 1838 sale of 272 enslaved individuals, from which Georgetown profited.  This collection is particularly significant because it is a genealogical source for descendants of these 272 individuals.

As a kid, I wanted to be…A ballet dancer.

My little known hobby or talent is, I really, really like making (and eating my own) pizza!

I joined and stay with MARAC because I joined MARAC as an MLS student at the University of Maryland in 2011.  I then moved to Boston, began a PhD program in American history, and relocated to India for three years.  Now that I have completed my PhD, am back in the area, and am working as a professional archivist, I have rejoined MARAC to (re)connect with colleagues!

Any position(s) held in MARAC: None (yet).

Why I chose to volunteer: I haven’t yet volunteered, but hope to in the coming months!  


MAA Call for Participation

Calling all MARAC couples and families! If you met your spouse or long-time partner through MARAC or have another MARAC family connection, we’d love to talk to you for a Mid-Atlantic Archivist article being planned in celebration of MARAC’s upcoming 50th anniversary. Email Lauren Brown and Jodi Boyle if interested or for more information. Deadline to respond is October 22nd!

MARAC Member Minute: Meet Annie Tummino!

Annie Tummino

I am Head of Special Collections and Archives at Queens College, City University of New York. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is collaborating with the Queens College Graduate School of Library and Information Studies and mentoring graduate students and early professionals.

As a kid, I wanted to be… A sports columnist or broadcaster for the Red Sox. 

My little known hobby or talent is, Outside of work I like reading and listening to audiobooks and doing a mediocre job at the New York Times Spelling Bee. 

I joined and stay with MARAC because MARAC is affordable and welcoming!

Any position(s) held in MARAC: Moderator of MAA-Topics, the e-list to discuss topics and issues presented in the Mid-Atlantic Archivist.

Why I chose to volunteer: Connecting with other archivists in my region who are confronting similar issues or give me brand new ideas for my work.

My recommendation to anyone interested in getting involved is: Just jump in! Folks are friendly and help is always needed.